Senator Roy Lacey 
Idaho District 29 

Idaho Is Special.  Let's Keep It That Way.

A Return to Civility

Idaho is my home, and I'm proud to be an Idahoan.  It's a special place where neighbors aren't afraid to help each other out -- whether it's fixing a broken fence, lifting a broken spirit, or even sharing a beverage in the back yard.  Idaho's real strength is its people and the unique talents and selfless service that can be observed every day. 

During my two years in the House of Representatives, I have learned that too often outside influences govern legislation, rather than the wishes of the people of Idaho.   I take pride in the fact that I listen to the people of Bannock County on issues that are important to them and have used my influence to promote what is good for my constituents.  We won't be successful on every issue -- such is the nature of democracy -- but that doesn't mean I won't do everything I can for my constituents.  Some of the important legislative priorities that I have championed are as follows:

  • Hiring of Idaho College or University graduates to stop the brain drain that is occurring in Idaho
  • Removal of sales tax on groceries
  • Job creation with a bill I sponsored to increase the use of our agricultural products and the addition of jobs in Idaho – this bill passed the House 62-6 but was held by the chair of the Senate committee
  • Safety for our citizens – bicycle/pedestrian safety bill
  • Have been an advocate for our children and a sponsor on the anti-bullying bill
  • Promoted the passage of civil rights legislation
  • Pushed for the creation of an Idaho insurance exchange
  • Sponsored legislation to enable increase in Medical Savings Accounts
  • Advocate for our teachers and our schools
  • Stressed the importance of fair wages and good working conditions and the retention of our middle class
  • Resisted the tax relief for the wealthiest 16% of Idahoans, debating that any tax relief should be given to all
  • In favor of ethics reform and transparency in our government – Idaho ranks near the bottom in both of these important areas

As I continue my term in the Idaho Senate, I pledge to continue to listen to the people of Bannock County, and to continue to be an advocate for the middle class, children and the State of Idaho.

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